Using your skills to help others

Working mum Arline tells us how she put her marketing skills to use helping out a charity whilst on maternity leave.

Case Study – Arline Wilkins

Life before my son Finley was very much focused on work. I enjoyed working, developing skills and putting my marketing knowledge to good use. I then got pregnant and I was told that my work contract allowed me take a year off work full pay (I was very lucky). As I travelled a long distance to work I was also allowed to leave a couple of months before Finley was born.

All this time rang alarm bells, there is only so much cleaning you can do. I’d always talked about doing voluntary work but never did anything about it. This was the time to look into it. I looked around at various websites and found that Age Concern was looking for volunteers. I contacted them and asked whether they were looking for any help with marketing and they were happy to get my input on a current project that suited my experience and skills – perfect.

I absolutely loved being part of this new team, working with an organisation that was different from my previous experience. I chose the hours I worked and everyone was so nice and made me feel welcome. I was even able to carry on my voluntary work when I had Finley as I acted on a more advisory role and answered queries.

I just was able to put what I knew to good use and carry on a job I enjoyed – and I felt very good about it. After the project was over the lady I worked with wanted to recommend me for a job there. What I did experience is how charities work so in the future I could use this experience on my CV to get a job in this sector – I also have someone who will recommend me.

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