Veering between energy rush and zero energy

So, it came to pass that on Friday I finally decided I needed to start winding down to the birth. I did a fair bit of work in the morning, but by lunchtime I had decided to have an hour off. I switched on daytime telly, which I have not seen since my last maternity leave five years ago, and stretched out in the only comfortable position I could find ready to relax. I kid you not, but the phone rang about six times in that hour. Three times it was my partner in Tesco for his lunch hour asking if we needed various things. Then my mum rang and after that I think there were a few calls from sales centres around the world. I gave up on maternity leave and returned to work. It was much more arduous getting up and down answering the phone!

I have got to the point where I am swinging wildly between acute exhaustion and wild bursts of gardening/housework. If I lie down I don’t get up for hours because of the effort involved so it is best to stay on my feet as sitting is uncomfortable. I spent the weekend either lying on the sofa trying to do drawings, etc, with the girls or blowing up paddling pools, doing the washing, painting the walls and, oddly, cutting back the blackberry bush at the bottom of the garden. Suddenly, all these long-term projects I have been putting up have risen up the priority list. I had big girl and rebel daughters sponging the walls on Saturday, trying to eradicate the face painting mural inspired by bonkers-daughter-led “moment of madness”. “This is the best day ever,” said big girl daughter, stripping to the waist and enthusiastically spraying window cleaner all over the wall. Bonkers daughter had gone out with her dad.

I am also veering between being totally comatose and sobbing about all sorts of odd things, including the result of Over the rainbow. I was particularly emotional that Dangerous Dave won the Toto competition. The girls were rooting for Danielle though the bonkers one liked the other one, mainly because of her hair colour. “None of them will ever be as good as Julie Garner,” she added. Her devotion to the original film version will never ebb.

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