Want to feature in Fabulous magazine?

Are you an older or were you a teen single mum? Are you still friends with your ex? If you answer yes to either of these questions, Fabulous magazine wants to hear from you.

Fabulous magazine is looking for women willing to be interviewed for two separate features:

Women whose mums were single teen/older mothers
Fabulous magazine are looking for two women – one whose mum was a teenager (up to age 19) when she had her and another whose mum was was older (over 39) when she had her. In both cases, the mothers will have raised their daughters alone.
It's a positive feature about what it's really like growing up with a young/older mum – the benefits and the drawbacks – and you'll have the opportunity to talk about why your mums are so great. The feature will be from the point of view of the daughters, but they also want to speak to the mums.
Case studies are paid and there will be a photoshoot. The daughters will currently be aged 18-40ish.
If you're interested, please email for more details: christina.quaine@fabulousmag.co.uk

Are you still friends with your ex husband?
Fabulous is also looking for a woman aged 18-40 who has remained friends with her ex-husband – in fact, you're probably better friends now that you're divorced. They will want the case study to speak openly and honestly about the marriage, what went wrong and the benefits/drawbacks of being friends with their ex.  Interviewees are paid a good fee for appearing in the magazine. If you think this is something you might like to do, please email

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