Welcome to Tesco online

We have finally signed on to internet supermarket shopping. Everyone has been extolling its virtues and at one of my last jobs Tesco used to deliver every week. It seemed relatively simple. But doing it yourself is another matter. First, you have to remember all the names of the products you normally buy. Normally this is quite simple because they are the cheapest ones, but some of the cheapest ones are infuriatingly not called Tesco Value and then you have to figure out what the overall name is for the thing you wanted. Anyway, it took about an hour and I am assured it is quicker ever after and, though we fully expected the whole thing to break down when we got to the end, the order seems to have gone through. Of course, five minutes later I remembered a whole list of things we needed. The whole process, however, pushed back bedtime which is unfortunate since, a) everyone made a huge effort yesterday to get up in time to eat breakfast, such a huge effort that it is likely never to be repeated and b) today is choir. That means getting to school at 8.20am.

Work went well. I spoke to someone about a very interesting new project to involve women in online focus groups for new products. I had read the figures about women making a huge percentage of family purchasing decisions, but it hadn’t really sunk in how powerful working mums as a group are since we are both mums and, by virtue of working, supposedly have more cash [ha!]. I am in fact still cross about the BBC programme about working mums the other night which seemed to suggest women are happy with less money compared to men because they value their quality of life more. This is all fine and dandy, but if you are paid the same as men pro rata for the job you do, wouldn’t that mean you might not have to work quite as many hours and could improve your quality of life?

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