What you need to know when employing your first nanny

As a working mother, finding good childcare that fits your schedule is going to be one of your top priorities. We all know and loathe the mad dash in the mornings, bundling your little one out of the door while trying to look half presentable for work. At times like this, bringing a nanny into your household can seem like a very tempting idea.

This bespoke childcare option may be more costly than nurseries and childminders, but can bring a certain calm to a household which benefits children and parents alike. Children can enjoy attentive one-to-one care in familiar home surroundings, while working mothers can enjoy stress-free mornings knowing their child is being fed, watered and dressed for the day. Plus a poorly child doesn’t mean having to take time off work! If you have started to feel drawn to the idea of inviting a nanny into your home, here are a few things you may not have thought about before taking the plunge…

You need to create a contract

When formally employing someone, it is a legal requirement for you to draw up a contract of employment. This needs to include the nanny’s salary, working hours, holiday entitlement, notice period and job description. Salaries are based on experience and skills, and should be higher if you want further housekeeping duties included. You could also ask yourself if you have any requirements of your nanny so they can be included in the contract in advance. Do they need to take their holiday at a certain time? Do they need to be flexible in the evenings? Will they need to take your child to any playdates or classes?

You will become an employer

By employing a nanny, you will in turn become an employer. This means when you issue a payslip and pay their salary, you will also need to take care of their tax contributions, national insurance contributions and pension, plus statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay and holiday pay. This is a legal requirement and you could be fined by the Inland Revenue if you fail to make all the right contributions. If all this paperwork seems like too much of an extra job, nannytax.co.uk is the UK’s leading nanny payroll company and they can sort all this for you!

Family home guidelines

Inviting a nanny into your home may feel strange at first: apart from the loss of privacy, it may take a short time for everyone to get used to each other’s routines. It’s your responsibility to influence how your house is run, so it is a good idea to draw up a set of guidelines that the nanny can follow for a harmonious home. Ask yourself how formal will your relationship be. Can they use the WiFi? Can they receive guests such as other nannies for playdates? Which rooms are private? Once the house rules are set, everyone can focus on creating the perfect routine for your child in a comfortable environment.

*Kirsty Wild is Sales Administrator at Nannytax, the UK’s market leader in nanny payroll. Nannytax has supported tens of thousands of families since 1993 by providing a complete employment service including payroll, pensions and insurance. Since joining Nannytax in 2006, Kirsty has grown with the company, the nanny industry and everything that comes with it. As a busy working mum, Kirsty’s passion is to ensure the stress and hassle of nanny employment admin is taken care of for Nannytax’s clients so they have more time to devote to their families.

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