When can you give maternity notice?: ask the expert

I’ve been told I can only give my 28-day maternity notice from the day I get the MAT B1 form from the doctor. Is that true?

This is true. The employer needs to have a MATB1 form from the doctor to know the expected due date of your baby. The doctor or midwife will give an employee a copy of the MAT B1 form after they have been pregnant for 21 weeks, but they cannot give this to an employee any earlier.

Once the employer receives this, then the employee is able to give notice (which must be in writing and should be a minimum of 28 days) to the employer of when they want to start their maternity leave.  Once the employer receives this letter from the employee, the employer must write to the employee within 28 days, confirming the employee’s Statutory Maternity Leave and giving the date the Statutory Maternity Leave will start and end.

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