When do I have to inform my boss I’m pregnant?

I don’t know if I should tell my MD that I’m pregnant before the 12 weeks point. I work for a small company and in the staff handbook is says I need to inform higher management at my earliest convenience of pregnancy. There is a girl in the office who my boss keeps asking if she’s pregnant as she’s taking lots of time off. I am only in the first weeks of pregnancy. Do I have to tell anyone?

Legally in the UK you do not have to tell your employer you are pregnant until at least 15 weeks before the beginning week the baby is due. If this isn’t possible then you must tell the employer as soon as you know ( if after this date).

The employer can ask for you to let them know at your earliest convenience, but it is up to you when if it is before the 26th week of pregnancy.

You won’t be able to take any paid time off for ante-natal appointments until you officially tell your employer, but you can wait until you feel comfortable and do not feel pressured into telling them. It would just mean the time off for the appointments would have to be taken as holiday, unpaid or as doctors/ hospital appointments.

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