Where to focus your energy

Energy is something that would be great to have on unlimited supply. Not the sort of quick buzz that you can get from an energy drink, or a huge piece of cake and a large latte, although there are times when that can be just the thing, but something that also provides the buzz of having done something right, that personal sense of achievement, the desire for more and the feeling inside that the world is your oyster, that there is nothing that you cannot achieve, a true and sincere feeling of positivity, the rainbow’s end.

So why is it that there are times that we feel exhausted, unfulfilled and don’t know where to go?

Think about what it is that you do at the moment that is using up your energy. Are you doing it for you, for someone else, or because you feel you should? Is it because it is something you have always done, because it brings in the money, keeps the wolf from the door or the food on the table? All of these are valid reasons for focusing our energy, and if this is what you want and need from your life, and you have that sense of achievement giving you a positive buzz, then keep on going! Your energy levels are high, and they are unlikely to get much higher. If not, then it is time to review your life and consider some choices that you could possibly make.

We are taught from an early age a set of principles that we are expected to follow; there are often traditions many of which have been passed down from one generation to another. Culture and belief can impact on the choices that we make, and therefore the things that we focus our time and our energy on. None of these are wrong, if they are right for us, then it is on these things that our energy focus should be the problem is when we are unhappy, unsure or looking for more. But knowing what it is we truly want can often be a problem.

When our energy focus is where others want it to be or where we feel we should; we have a tendency to be defensive, we are likely to feel unhappy, let down, and at times just plain miserable, unfortunately for some of us there is also the knowledge that when we focus our energy where we want it to be others can make us feel guilty. A no win situation? Only if we choose that it should be.

Our values and beliefs are key to the focus of our energy. If we do not value what life is giving us, and we do not believe in what we are doing, or we feel that we are doing everything for everyone and nothing for ourselves then we also do not value ourselves as we should.

Focusing our energy on ourselves, on what is important to us does not mean that we are being selfish, in fact quite the reverse. Once we are aware of what means the most to us we can then focus our energy where we feel it needs to be, once we are doing this, believing in ourselves, knowing that this is the right way for us to live our lives then ultimately we will have high energy levels, we will be happy, fulfilled, our happiness will radiate to others around us and they in turn will be happy too. We will find time for the people who are important to us and they will support us in what we do.

Remember life will not travel uninvited towards you, it has its own journey to complete, so grab it with both hands, invite it into your life and make the difference that is right for you, nothing is impossible unless you make it that way! Know what you want, what you need and where you need to go. Check out all the possibilities that will get you to where you want to be, prioritise, enlist the help of others and take personal responsibility and begin your journey to success.

*Judith Marples is a Life Coach and Author of Guides to Success. www.jmhaspirations.org.uk. Free handbag guide to Focusing Your Energy worth £4.99 voucher code: workingmums. https://jmhaspirations.org.uk/market-place/products/focusing-energy-2/

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