Why do people have more than one job?

A workingmums.co.uk poll shows finance is the main driver of the growing trend to do more than one job.

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The main reason for doing more than one job is because of financial pressures, according to a workingmums.co.uk poll on the growth of the so-called portfolio career.

The poll showed around half of those questioned did more than one job. Of these, 34% did so for financial reasons. Just 2% said they did so to get greater flexibility and 4% said it was due to a lack of full-time jobs. For 13% the reason was due to a combination of flexibility, financial pressures and a lack of full-time jobs.

A recent report from IPSE, the organisation for self-employed people, showed growing numbers of people have more than one job.The IPSE research showed 320,000 people ‘have a second self-employed job’.

IPSE painted this as a lifestyle choice. A spokeswoman for IPSE said at the time: “The majority of people who start a side-hustle are making a choice to fit work around their lifestyle and dreams. The internet has enabled more varied working, connecting people with ideas and opportunities.

“Part-time self-employment allows people to be innovative and take some risks, starting businesses that could grow into a great success. This is a group that makes a huge contribution to the economy and needs to be supported with simple things like a clear tax system and good broadband infrastructure.”


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