Why working for a small company might be for you

There’s often a perception that it’s best to work for a corporate organisation to gain the best benefits and career opportunities. But is that really the case? We look at some of the benefits of working for a small company.

Multigenerational Team


So why work for a small company? There are lots of compelling reasons why moving to a small company could be the boost your career really needs.

Job satisfaction

When working for a small company, you get a much clearer sense of how your work drives the success of the business. That clarity about how your job supports your boss and your customers can make work much more rewarding and motivational.

More opportunity

You are much more visible in a small company, which means your colleagues and manager will recognise your strengths. If you’re interested in doing more at work and expanding your responsibilities, there’s often plenty of opportunity. You can actively seek to learn new skills and evolve your role into new areas.

Better prospects

Many small businesses expand rapidly. If you’re a trusted member of the team, you’re likely to be given more responsibility and promotion as the company grows. You could take ownership of a new direction for the business. Even at more junior levels, there are more flexible structures that could mean more rapid progression than in a corporate environment.

Greater voice

It’s common in a small company for everyone to be involved in key decisions. It’s very different from a large company where strategy is agreed at a senior level and then cascaded to the rest of the business. All-staff meetings and strategy days are common practice in a smaller business, where everyone contributes their thoughts and insights.

Friendly atmosphere

You will often find that a small company has a more supportive, collegiate culture. In many large organisations, people can see colleagues as competitors for promotion and opportunities. In a smaller company, you don’t have to fight for recognition, and everyone feels more valued in their role. That creates a more friendly and inclusive environment.

Variety at work

Small companies have fewer employees, and at busy times there can be a real focus on collaboration to get things done. There are always new challenges around the corner that will require you to adapt, take on new tasks and support others to deliver on your company’s objectives and meet customers’ needs. People in small businesses often say that no two days are ever the same.

Business insight

In a small business you will naturally get a broader understanding of all the different functions of an organisation – from finance and recruitment to sales and marketing. Those insights can help you grow your business acumen and become a more rounded business person – and potentially set you up to become an entrepreneur in future.

Work/life balance

It’s often easier to find a role in a small company near home, which could reduce your work travel time. Once a company recognises your skills and experience, too, they are often more open to flexible working practices around your hours or potentially working remotely.

Leaving a corporate job for a small company

On a final note, people considering leaving a corporate job for a small company often want to understand small company vs large company salary expectations. This varies enormously depending on the business itself, its performance and ambitions.

One of the benefits of working with a small business is that success is often better celebrated. You might receive a bonus or other flexible rewards that recognise your contribution. A common challenge in a corporate role is that your bonus could be affected by factors beyond your control. When working for a small company, everyone drives success together.

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