Wireless problems

I knew my computer problem-free period was not going to last and, sure enough, I was on the phone to a support desk this week.

Another day, another computer problem. Actually, touch wood, I have been remarkably free of computer breakdowns for at least a month. However, this lucky streak has ended as the wireless function on my laptop [my trusty back-up] has decided not to work. I used to stay up late writing up articles, but since I’ve been pregnant I can hardly stay awake past 10.01pm so I have been carting the laptop to bed and writing there. It kind of kids my body into feeling like it is resting.

Unfortunately, the laptop does not have Word on it so you can’t transfer documents to the other computer easily so instead I have been emailing them to myself. It’s a complex state of affairs, but it works. Sometimes, I have the two computers going first thing in the morning while juggling guinea pig cleaning duties and cooking breakfast. The breakfast often ends up as the casualty. Usually my breakfast, although rebel daughter remarked the other day that she would like "uncrispy" food for a change.
I knew the wireless problem would involve some sort of phone call to a support desk and I was putting it off. I knew the man on the end of the phone would ask me all sorts of complicated questions. I knew too that he would suppress a laugh when he asked what windows programme was on the computer [I had temporarily forgotten the name, but said it was the one that wasn’t Vista. Which was right. Give the girl some credit. I have a lot to remember these days].
I knew it would involve entering lots of code and reconfiguring stuff and I also knew that there was only a 50:50 chance that said alterations would actually solve the problem. In the end, it turns out that I have to download some drivers, whatever that means. I know I should do this imminently, but I am having trouble finding the time in between trying to get lots of work done, doing the school run, sorting homework and checking the children for all number of sudden afflictions. Bonkers daughter threw a strop on the playground on the way home yesterday, saying she was "lonely" and needed a friend to come home now. It turned out she had a temperature and also that she has developed an obsession with the idea that her tummy button has turned green and keeps trying to clean it. I am sure she is going to get it infected.
Meanwhile, big girl daughter was starving and seemed to eat one thing after another. She had been up half the night wetting the bed and was very clingy in the morning due to lack of sleep. Rebel daughter also has various body problems and I had to resort to the trusty BMA Medical Guide which always ends with ‘see your doctor within 24 hours’ or ‘EMERGENCY. Get to a hospital now’. I don’t know why I look at it as my heart sinks at the thought of spending even more time either on the phone trying to get through to the doctor or actually going there. I am hoping that bonkers daughter’s tummy button problem and rebel daughter’s various afflictions manage to reach some sort of crisis point in unison so that we can do it all in one go. Meanwhile, the laptop remains in sick bay. 

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