Women hit hardest by credit crunch

A Government report is predicted to say that women will suffer more than men from the credit crunch. Plus other news.

Women are likely to lose out to men in the credit crunch, according to a report from the Employment and Skills Commission.
The report, due to be released this week, is said by The Observer to suggest that men will get the majority of new posts created over the next eight years and in previously female-dominated industries and that women’s participation in the workforce has peaked.
However, a report in USA Today points out that in the US experts say that women are less likely to suffer in the recession than men because they tend to work in more stable professions, such as education and health and are more likely to work part time.
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KPMG employees offered shorter week
Consulting firm KPMG has offered staff the chance to work a four-day week or take a 1-2 month break on 30% pay to stop them having to make redundancies.
The offer is voluntary and staff have until February to decide. KPMG’s associate partner David Knight is on the record as saying that the company wants to avoid redundancies as they are often seen as a quick fix but provide more problems when the economy finally starts picking up.
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