Women in Business: You Can Get More of What You Want, interactive talk on negotiating better terms, 13th November, London

Have you ever felt you deserved a raise, but didn't know how to ask? International deal-maker Clive Rich gives some advice in an interactive talk on negotiation, 13th November, London.

Women in Business: You Can Get More of What You Want'
An interactive talk on negotiation with professional dealmaker, Clive Rich.
13th November, 6.30-9.30pm

Grant Tree Offices, 16 Hewlett Street, London EC2A 3NN

Have you ever felt you deserved a raise, but didn't know how to ask? Have you ever felt you overpaid for something like your flat because you were afraid you would miss it? Have you ever wished someone actually taught you to negotiate more effectively? Want to become better at getting what you deserve?

Clive Rich is an international deal-maker who has brokered over £10 billion worth of deals during his thirty-year career. Clive has negotiated for and with the likes of Sony, Bertelsmann, Apple, Tesco, Vodafone, Myspace, the BBC and the Royal Opera House.  

Clive is also the author of a new book for negotiators who are feeling under pressure – "The Yes Book" on Random House.  Research for “The Yes Book” showed that British Business has a problem when negotiating under pressure. YouGov and the Economics Agency, CEBR, demonstrated that Britain loses £9 million per hour from poor handling of negotiations that go wrong. The average UK company could improve its profitability by 7% if it was better at negotiating when the heat is on.

Clive’s modern, nimble framework for deal-making helps negotiators under fire avoid:
– Losing their bearings
– Losing their shirt
– Losing their temper
– Losing face
– Losing out

Research shows that when in a position when they must make demands, women generally ask for less, ask less often, end up with less and feel less happy about negotiating outcomes than men. Almost four times more men negotiate job offers than women And yet women often have all the skills they need to succeed in negations of all forms, in business and in everyday life  – especially when it comes to skills like listening and empathising.
So, how can women learn to think of themselves as negotiators, as those who’ve overcome these challenges, are confident and able to make the most of their skills? This programme featuring one of the UK’s top negotiation coaches, helps you find the answers. 

Tickets £35 (plus free premium cocktail bar). Click here to book or RSVP tom@cliverich.com

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