Women IT workers “offer stronger skill set than men”

Female workers may benefit the traditionally male-dominated IT industry by offering a stronger set of soft skills compared to male employees, according to a survey.

The results of the study, conducted by recruitment site Target Jobs, revealed that 56% of the women questioned felt that female graduates brought additional or different skills to the workplace.

This percentage of women pointed to “a greater attention to detail and a logical approach” as well as “more developed soft skills” within their list of positive female characteristics.

Louise Collis, Group Trainer of the UK’s largest IT graduate employer FDM Group, said: “Although I don’t believe that women are in any way less technical than men, women are often more sociable, approachable and adaptable to various working environments. As IT professionals now have to interact with a variety of people across various departments and organisations, these attributes may give women a certain advantage.”

FDM Group is openly dedicated to recruiting female candidates and runs a Women in IT Campaign.

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