Women “missing” in top UK posts

Women are still largely absent in the top jobs at UK firms as well as in Parliament, the Equal Opportunities Commission has said.

Only 10% of directors of the UK’s FTSE 100 firms are women, while under 20% of those in Parliament are female. Change has been "painfully slow" in recent decades and ethnic minority women are notably missing in top roles. The survey calculates that to begin redressing the imbalance, a further 6,000 women should be in top positions.

Equal numbers

The report – called Sex and Power: Who Runs Britain? 2007 – showed that while improvements have been made for the lot of women, in some cases women’s outlook has worsened. Ethnic minority women account for 0.4% of FTSE 100 directors and 0.3 % of those in Parliament, even though they represent 5.2% of the whole population and 3.9% of the labour market. Read full article.

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