Women only occupy 8.8% of board positions of FTSE top 350

Only 3% of chief executives of the FTSE 350 index are women and only 1.3% are chairpersons, according to a survey commissioned for The Observer newspaper. Plus other news.
Only 3% of chief executives of the FTSE 350 index are women and only 1.3% are chairpersons, according to a survey commissioned for The Observer newspaper.
The study found that women made up only 8.8% of the people on the boards of the leading companies.
This is despite the fact that many have equal opportunities policies. It identifies a “pinch point” for women – the point at which women fade out of senior positions. This tends to coincide with the point at which flexible working becomes less available.
Only a quarter of the companies in the survey offered flexible working. Only a fifth gave information out on the gender split in management positions.
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Mums find holidays more stressful than term time

The majority of working mums find the school holidays more stressful than term time, according to a poll by WorkingMums.
The poll of 404 mums found 45% found holiday time more difficult than term time, compared to 30% who found term time more stressful and 17% who felt holiday time was no more stressful than term time.
Mums said they found it hard to find suitable, affordable childcare for the holidays and to keep the children entertained. One said: “School holidays are more stressful than any other holidays because it’s hard to keep the children entertained when the weather’s poor plus it’s hard to get out there and find a job, especially when I as a single parent can’t afford to pay childminders.”
First Business Mum Week launched
The first Business Mum Week, a week of activities and meetings across the UK is being launched in October.
The week, which runs from 3rd to 10th October and is run by MumsClub, is dedicated to women who balance business with family life on a daily basis to ensure a better future for their families.
The aims of the week are to:
·        inspire more entrepreneurial mums to start a business from home,
·        encourage business growth by providing business mums access to information and ideas,
·        develop online and offline support through a national network of home-working Mumpreneurs.
 Activities are being planned across the UK including local meet-ups organised by current Mumpreneurs, a personal branding evening at Harvey Nicholls in Birmingham, workshops to provide information for starting family friendly businesses, and various other events to be announced.
The key feature of the Week will be the inaugural Mumpreneur Annual Conference which will officially launch the week of activities and will close with the winners of the 2009 Mumpreneur Awards being announced.
In the lead-up to Business Mum Week, MumsClub is inviting all Mumpreneur businesses to enter the free Mumpreneur awards.


Shorter working week might not work in the end if recession deepens, warn HR experts
Shorter working weeks and pay freezes are some of the tactics used by firms to save jobs during the recession, but they may only delay inevitable redundancies if the recession worsens, HR experts have warned.
The Chartered Institute of Personel Development gave the warning after the Bank of England’s quarterly inflation report found the recession had got deeper than expected.
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NHS workers going to work when unwell

Many NHS workers are going into work when they feel unwell due to a culture of presenteeism, says a report.
The report by Dr Steve Boorman says the knock-on effect of going into work when unwell could be to drive up sickness rates and reduce productivity.
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