Women software engineers favour friends’ recommendations for new jobs

Women software engineers are more likely to apply for jobs based on recommendations by friends and are more likely to hear about jobs via social media than men, according to a new study.

The How to recruit software engineers eBook, by career community organisation Glassdoor, shows the recommendation of friends is the source software engineers of both genders trust most for new jobs. This was rated as a trustworthy source by 76% of software engineers, compared with 68% who said former work colleagues and 50% who said online news sources. However, a massive 97% said they read online reviews about a company before accepting a job offer.

Some 48% of women software engineers said they were very likely to apply to a company based on the recommendation of a friend compared to 38% of men. Women were less likely than men to be looking for new jobs in the next quarter – 17% compared to 26%. They appeared to be more sought after by recruiters than male software engineers – some 75% of female software engineers had heard about new job opportunities from a recruiter, compared to 70% of men. And they were more likely to hear about new jobs via social media than men with 40% saying they heard about new jobs this way, compared to 34% of men.

Although the report found salary and promotion prospects were the top reasons for leaving a company – at 78% and 76% respectively – 53% mentioned company culture. Some 52% said they would accept less money to work at a company with a great culture.

It recommends that companies do not contact candidates via LinkedIn where they feel they are bombarded by recruiters and emphasise career development and their products and services.


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