Women use Internet more for studies

Women are more likely than men to use the web as a study resource, according to research.

Women are more likely than men to use the web as a study resource, according to research.

Over two fifths of women (43%) reported that access to the web helps them gain greater knowledge of their subject and attain better grades. A third of men feel the same way. The survey was conducted among 3,000 adults by Home Learning College.

However, the research also found that women are less likely to discuss study problems with strangers or virtual friends over the internet. Just 14% find it helpful to chat online about their studies, compared to 18% of men.

“The internet has revolutionised the world of education and has had a particularly positive impact on the delivery of distance learning,” says Dave Snow, Academic Director at Home Learning College. “This has been of benefit to anyone with existing demands on their time, such as raising a family, because study can take place at home rather than in traditional classes.

“In addition to underpinning the delivery of course materials and tutorial support, the internet allows students to undertake almost limitless background reading. Our research suggests that women find this more useful than men, which may be due to a greater inclination for fact checking or the tendency to read more broadly around a subject.”

Distance learning providers often provide an online campus for students which allows students to interact with their tutor, take part in forums and online classes, upload assignments and access frequently asked questions. The Home Learning College’s Virtual Learning Community, the UK’s first, has around one million user sessions each month which means tutors spend less time answering common questions and more time on marking and proactively supporting students.

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