Women ‘will take most higher level jobs’

Women are likely to take most of the higher skilled jobs in the next six years as the gap between men and women’s academic qualifications widens, according to a report by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills.

The report, UK Skill Levels and International Competitiveness 2103, projects that women will undergo a significantly greater improvement at higher skills levels – Level 4-6 – than males in the period to 2020, with little difference between the genders at the top levels – Levels 7-8. The report says this means that the gap between the genders will widen, with 48.8 per cent of females at Level 4 or above, compared with 44.6 per cent of males. Currently around 38.3 per cent of women are at this level, compared to 35.7 per cent of men.

Although women currently occupy the majority of lower skilled jobs, this too will change as the numbers with few skills declines and declines faster among women than men, says the report.  It predicts that by 2020, only 15.4 per cent of women will fall into this low qualifications group, compared with 20 per cent of males.

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