Women’s rights charter launched


The Fabian Women’s Network has launched a Women’s Rights Charter at Labour’s annual women’s conference in Liverpool, calling on the government to make a number of commitments to women following the Brexit vote.

The charter is signed by MPs, MEPs and other members of the Fabian Women’s Network committee and calls on the government to safeguard workplace rights including equal pay, annual leave, maternity and pregnancy rights and the rights of part-time workers; and take firm action against gender discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

It also asks the government to meet funding requirements for the work programmes currently reliant on the European Social Fund which support women moving into work and continue to push for wider representation of women in top positions across all industries within the public and private sector and support female entrepreneurship and start-ups, particularly in innovation and tech.

In addition the charter calls for safeguards on women’s human and reproductive rights and a commitment to tackle the rise of hate crime, protect the rights of refugee women and ensure that the health and maternity needs of women who are imprisoned or detained are properly attended to.

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