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Daughter two is on work experience this week. At only son’s school. Only son’s initial response was “nooooo, she’s a maniac”. We didn’t put him down as a referee for daughter two. Luckily, daughter two is being kept away from only son’s class, but there is always the lunch break. Daughter two was told she could have her lunch in the staff room or with the kids. She was horrified at the thought of having to have lunch with teachers so she opted for the kids. There was a chance she and only son could cross paths. “If you touch my butt, I’ll have you fired,” he stated the night before her first day.

Daughter two’s main concern, given she is fairly into drama, was looking the part of teacher. So she spent a lot of time on her outfit. “I think a polo neck would be appropriate for a teacher,” she said. In June??? “You will swelter,” I advised. She eventually opted for a cardigan, a top and trousers. “Cardigans are very teacher,” she noted.

I picked her up at the end of the first day. “Did it go well?” I inquired. Daughter two told me she had no intention of ever becoming a teacher. She was in reception and one of the boys was playing up, telling jokes. Daughter two found him fairly funny. The teacher did not. Oh dear.

Daughter two felt that teaching was much too serious. Day two didn’t go much better. “It was gross,” she said when asked how the day went. Apparently several of the kids didn’t get to the toilet in time. Daughter two has six days left of work experience. It could be a long week.

When I dropped her on day two, I was struggling with only son and the sponsored run money. Only son was totally opposed to the sponsored run from the get go. He couldn’t see why he should have to do extra running when running is not his thing. He prefers swimming and football. He walked most of the way under protest. The school has been asking for the sponsorship money ever since. Only son is appalled that not only did he have to run, but he had to give money to someone else in order to do so. “They should be paying me,” he said. I tried to explain charity to him, but he hasn’t quite understood the concept yet.

*Mum on the run is Mandy Garner, editor of

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