Working during Shared Parental Leave

My husband is sharing my parental leave with me; I am taking the first eight months and he is taking over for the last four months. My current contract with my employer is four days a week, but I will become the only breadwinner when my husband takes over. My question is if my husband works one day a week over his four-month leave period so that we have one full salary between us is this allowed? Given that he is taking over for the last four months he will only receive one month of SMP/SPP and the remainder is unpaid. Therefore I would assume that it wouldn’t be a problem as he could use KIT days for the first month and then the last three months would be ok due to SMP/SPP finishing. Would it be possible to confirm our rights here? Secondly, would your advice change depending on if he did one day a week for his current employer versus one day a week for someone else?

Great that you are taking advantage of SPL! Essentially you or your husband are either on leave or you’re not – so technically, no, he couldn’t work one day per week whilst being on Shared Parental Leave. However, he could make a flexible working request to work only one day a week. The disadvantage here is that you can make only one request for flexible working per year, so if it is agreed that he can work one day per week, he could be stuck with this for a full year if he has an employer who follows the guidance to the letter.

Depending on his employer, they may consider allowing him to work one day per week for a four-month period as a one-off agreement or you mention he may go and work elsewehere for one day per week which could be another solution for you.

With KIT days, the employer has to agree them so you shouldn’t bank on being able to use them up until you have spoken to them.

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