Working Families and NCT need your help

Are you a working mum with children under 5?
How was your return to work?
Was your employer supportive or difficult?
We would like to hear your story.  You will also get the opportunity to win £200!

Did you know that women make up 46 percent of the labour force, and by 2010 one in five UK workers will be mothers? Around 400,000 women take maternity leave each year although sadly 30,000 leave their jobs due to pregnancy discrimination.

The demands of caring for a child can be radically different to the demands of the workplace. Women often face realistic anxieties about juggling their new family and their work commitments.

Tell us your story and help Working Families Charity and the NCT develop new ways of supporting mums and employers make this the often tricky transition of going back to work as smooth as possible.

To take part in the survey visit:

If you complete this survey, we will also enter you into a draw to win £200.

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