Working from home can incentivise staff

Employees are benefiting from working more from home in the financial crisis, says BT. Plus other news.

Employees are benefiting from working more from home due to the financial crisis, says new research from BT Business.
It found that over half of employees were working more from home than before and two thirds said they were financially better off as a result.
BT says allowing employees to work from home could provide a financial incentive for staff and be the equivalent of giving them a £10 note for every day spent working
from home. BT adds that allowing staff to work from home can save up to £250 a year.
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People working more from their beds
More than a quarter of workers are taking their mobile or laptop to bed, according to a survey by data protection specialist CREDANT Technologies.
The survey also found that 8% of peole who use mobiles said they spent more time talking on the phone than to their partners. Over half of those who use mobiles or laptops in bed said they did up to six hours work in bed a week.
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Financial recruitment falls in April
Financial recruitment fell in April, according to the Morgan McKinley London Employment Monitor.
The number of new job vacancies in April fell by 20% on March and by 69% compared to April 2008.
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