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Me and my husband are looking to move over to Spain – I currently work from home and my company have advised that they are happy for me to be based in Spain. I need to know the best way to do this as I don’t want to do anything illegal. I have heard that I should register as self-employed and then be liable to pay my own tax and insurance in Spain, which will save my current employer any costs also. Is this correct?

You can be based in Spain and work for a UK Company – Brexit permitting. There is free movement of labour within the EU at the moment.

The long-term outlook because of Brexit is a little bit more vague. But if you are working as an employee for a UK company (or indeed UK self employed) you can carry on as normal. Your tax status is that of a UK taxpayer.

So if your employer is happy for you to carry on working from home but based in Spain that is ok, but things would change if you were to apply for Spanish citizenship at which point you would be subject to their taxes.

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  • Gabriel Contreras says:

    Hello, I am in similar situation, just I am Spanish. I am working for UK company and they told me I am free to move on to Spain and work from home there. I read a lot but there are nothing clear about this.
    Can I move to Spain and work from there as home based? Should I pay some tax? I will have to be travelling to UK each three month so I would be in Spain on a row just for less than 3 month probably, also I will live in a house of some relatives so I wont have any home contract or similar. I will really appreciate any help or advice you can provide me. Thanks

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