Working in the charitable Public Sector

Many working parents find that the public sector is a great source of interesting and rewarding jobs, and many are flexible and family friendly. But what are public sector jobs exactly? We look at some of the typical public sector roles to consider.

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Public Sector jobs – examples

More than five million people work in the UK’s public sector – that’s almost a sixth of working adults.

It’s unsurprising when you consider the sheer breadth of public services in the UK, which include:

    • Schools and education
    • Healthcare
    • Armed forces
    • Emergency services
    • Social housing and social care
    • Refuse collection and management
    • Local government
    • Central government

Schools and Education public sector jobs

Many parents seek out roles in schools as a way to work while their own children are in education – and benefit from longer school holidays. Teaching is just one career path in the education sector; there are also many other roles both in schools and in the local authority.

Many of these public sector roles are largely administrative, so if you already have a background in admin, that can be a good route into an education position.

Healthcare jobs

Aside from the myriad clinical roles in healthcare such as medical positions and nursing roles, there are also many more public sector jobs based in hospitals, GP surgeries and other clinics on a local level.  The National Health Service is one of the world’s biggest employers.

Armed forces jobs

While there are age limits in place for signing up to the Armed Forces, there are also various civilian roles in the Army, Navy and Royal Air Force. Many of these are well suited to working parents. More information is available on the Ministry of Defence website.

Working in the Emergency Services

There are many public sector jobs in the UK linked with the Emergency Services: the police, fire service, ambulance service, coastguard and mountain rescue. The British Transport Police is a top employer with, as is the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

Social housing and social care

Around four million households in the UK live in social housing, which means there are many public sector jobs connected with the occupation and maintenance of these homes.

There are also many further social roles including social work, care roles and community support opportunities, both within the local authority and other agencies in your local area.

Refuse collection and management

Waste services are a vital part of public sector services, from collecting refuse from homes to managing recycling centres. There are many entry level roles in this area of public sector jobs.

Local government

There are a vast number of different roles within local councils and authorities, overseeing many of the services that we have already listed above. Working in the public sector at a local level is both fascinating and rewarding, as you learn how local government works and how council budgets are allocated.

There are both specialist roles and typical professional opportunities in local government. If you have previous experience in finance, HR, communications, admin or general management, there are often public sector jobs in UK local government that could suit you.

Central government

You don’t have to live in London to work for the UK government, and there are many public sector jobs examples that may suit you. workingmums often lists government roles in numerous areas. The Department for Transport, for example, is one of our top employers, along with the Food Standards Agency.

The diversity of the work that the government does means that there are many areas where your expertise could be valuable to a public sector role.

For more public sector jobs examples, explore workingmums to see where your skills would be a good fit. You can explore flexible public sector jobs too.

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