Working mums bid to avoid pre-prepared food – poll

Working mums try not to succumb to dishing up pre-prepared food for their families, according to a new poll.

Despite their time-challenged lives, mothers don’t automatically reach for supermarket pre-prepared meals to satisfy their children’s tastebuds quickly.

A survey by reveals nearly a quarter of mums never give their families ready-cooked supermarket meals.
And nearly half (45%) only occasionally put a pre-prepared meal in front of their families.
Chef Alan Coxon, who has presented BBC 2’s Ever Wondered About Food, welcomed the findings of the survey.
”In all honesty I think that the percentage rate is not too bad considering the fact that these are working mums,” he said.
”With only 45% occasionally using them and 24% who never use them, I think that is pretty good in all consideration in this day and age.  Needless to say, there is always room for improvement and so often it is simply a case of offering quick, simple and fresh ideas.”
Only 8% of the 948 mums surveyed confessed to dishing up ready-cooked meals five to seven nights of the week, while 6% said they resorted to pre-prepared food three to five nights a week.
Another 14% said they used ready meals one to three times a week.
Hazel Nicholas said: ”I only use pre-prepared meals occasionally because they are not good for your health and should be a last-minute thing only when needed.”
Tressa Harris agreed. ”Good fresh food is important to keep your family healthy and provide them with the essential nutrients and vitamins they need, whereas pre-prepared food is lacking completely and is unnecessarily expensive. What a waste!”.
Lisa-Jayne Stevens had her own tip for busy parents. She said: ”It only takes eight to 10 minutes to boil pasta. Add some pesto and there is your ready meal for your family done.”

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