Working mums exchange

How do we do it? Why do we do it? If you want to share information with other working parents about how you juggle work and family life, please send in your answers to our questionnaire.

Working Mums wants to bring you as many different permutations and views on how to juggle the work/life balance as possible. We are inviting working parents across the UK to fill in our questionnaire below and share your experiences with others. We aim to build up a range of helpful ideas from parents who are in the same boat and still managing to keep afloat. Email your completed questionnaires to If you prefer to keep your answers anonymous, specify this in your email.

What is your current job?

How many children do you have and what are their ages?

How much time did you take off for maternity/paternity leave?

Did you keep in touch with your job during maternity leave?

How was the first week back?

What kind of childcare do you have and are you happy with it?

What has been your worst moment as a working parent?

And your best? 

What is your typical working day?

How many hours a week do you work/what is your work schedule eg full time, flexitime, compressed hours, etc?

What do you feel, if anything, needs to change to improve work/family
life balance?

Do you feel there is enough support/advice for working parents?

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