Working mums ‘make better team players than women without kids’

gender pay gap - Woman meeting working mum


Working mothers are playing an increasingly significant role in both the workplace and the home – with almost three quarters of bosses saying working mums are vital to the UK workforce, and 57 per cent claiming they make better team players than women without kids, according to new research from Microsoft Office 365.

Working mums themselves say their time management, multi-tasking and organisational skills have all improved since having children – and bosses agree that key elements of a woman’s workplace skill set which improve after becoming a mum include team work, multi-tasking and empathy toward colleagues and clients.

But while they are being seen as adding more value to the workplace, bosses admit there are misconceptions when it comes to working mums, which are most likely to be that they require more time off.

According to the Microsoft Office 365 findings, technology is playing a major role in overcoming stigmas by helping working mothers manage their work/life balance efficiently: a third of working mums use technology to work from home when they can’t get into the office and just under a half use it to keep in touch with family and friends. Technology also provides mums with ‘family or me time’ with a third saying technology means they believe they get an extra 60 minutes in their busy daily schedule.

More mums admit to using online technologies such as online banking, emails and social media to manage their lives with the average mum now uses online technologies to manage an average of 31 per cent of their personal lives.

Meanwhile around half of mums also say they use technology to manage their day more than their partner – while only one in 10 mums believe they are less productive than their husband or boyfriend with around one in four claiming they are twice as productive.




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