Working mums offer sleep advice

I have just read a report about lack of sleep. It is part of a campaign for “quality sleep” by the Future Foundation [they must be optimists – rebel daughter thinks we don’t have a future]. Apparently, young women are the most affected by lack of sleep. I find this rather surprising in that I slept very, very well when I was young and have not had many unbroken nights sleep since I have had children. However, maybe I am confusing sleep with tiredness. Now, in the tiredness stakes, I am sure working mums or any kind of a mum would come tops. Perhaps we are so tired that we sleep better, even if our sleep is broken. Perhaps broken sleep is a good thing and we should recommend it to younger women.  We could produce some sort of incessant wailing tape, a bit like whale music but more annoying, which comes on mid night every few hours so that when they get to the end of the week they can’t even remember who they are, let alone worry about it.

To be serious,  I know insomnia is a bad thing. My brother suffered from it, mainly as he was doing shift work, which, as we know from yesterday’s news, leads to an early grave. I have now read that report and discounted myself on the grounds that I don’t sleep during the day either so don’t miss out on sunlight. Plus I move around a lot [running up and down the stairs because certain people claim to be too frightened to get stuff from their rooms in the night] and exist solely on caffeine rather than cakes [because everyone else eats them]. Tonight is parents’ evening so I need to crack on with work and dream up some questions to ask. I am anticipating that bonkers daughter’s teacher is going to express ongoing concerns about her quietness. If only she could see what was going on inside that head. I have also been informed that next Thursday is Greek Day so I have to make some sort of Greek costume out of a sheet. At least that’s something to look forward to at the weekend.

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