Working mums profile: Amanda O’Loughlin

Amanda O’Loughlin is a Health Screening Co-ordinator for Lifeline Screening in Bolton and has two children. She tells Workingmums how she juggles family and work.

How many children do you have and what are their ages? I have two boys aged 9 & 11

How much time did you take off for maternity leave? 1 month

Did you keep in touch with your job during maternity leave? Yes

How was the first week back? A struggle

What kind of childcare do you have? They are now at school; in holidays I have grandparents. When they were younger they attended nursery.

What has been your worst moment as a working parent? The pressure from my old job. I now have a less demanding job thanks to Workingmums and it works just fine.

And your best? My new job! It gives me flexibility and nobody is continually chasing me.

Do you work flexibly? Now I do and it is the only way for a happy household.

What is your typical working day? A few hours on the computer at home doing research then out on appointments around the North West, at times to suit me.

How many hours a week do you work? 24

How do you cover holiday periods? Being ahead of my targets allows me to go on holiday.

What do you feel , if anything, needs to change to improve your work family life balance? I have just made the changes and I am extremely happy! I had a demanding job working long hours and evenings and weekends. I needed to make changes and have recently changed jobs and I now feel everything works just great.

Do you feel there is enough support/advice for working parents? No, I have achieved my life balance myself. When the boys were younger it was very difficult.

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