Working mums profile: Susannah Redman

Susannah Redman has four different jobs, but she is able to do them all from home. She tells Workingmums how she manages the juggle.

What is your current job? I have 4! I take in typing, do market research over the telephone, I am a sales exec for virtual tours and I am an account manager for a technical company!!  I work from home for all roles.
How much time did you take off for maternity/paternity leave? I only had one job at the time and it didn’t take much time up, was part time etc so I carried on doing it and didn’t take leave or pay.
Did you keep in touch with your job during maternity leave? Yes.

What kind of childcare do you have and are you happy with it? I have been a full-time mum and juggled work around sleep times.  My daughter has just started nursery 2 afternoons a week and I’m delighted. So is she!

What has been your worst moment as a working parent? When you plan to work and can’t due to child’s illness, bad behaviour etc!
And your best? How flexible my work has been and how lucky I’ve been to work from home, and still be able to be at home full time for my daughter’s first 2 years.
Do you work flexibly? Very.

What is your typical working day? An hour in the morning over breakfast, 2 hours at lunchtime while my daughter naps, and sometimes up to 4 hours in the evenings or weekends. Some days I don’t work at all though.

How many hours a week do you work? About 25, give or take.

How do you cover for holiday periods? Some of my jobs are self employed so I go without payment.  The ones I’m employed to do I have to manage my work so I don’t fall behind whilst being away or catch up when I return.  I’m lucky with how flexible it is.

What do you feel, if anything, needs to change to improve your work/family life balance? A day off from work and motherhood once in a while!  I’m pretty happy though.
Do you feel there is enough support/advice for working parents? If you look in the right places.  I am lucky that I have skills to work at home.  I feel for people who are forced out to work and have to pay high childcare costs which makes their wage negligible, especially in times like these when the cost of living seems to be rising far more than salaries.

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