Working mums seek new opportunities in the new year

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A large number of working mums are looking to change jobs in the new year, according to a poll.

It shows that 65% are looking to change jobs, with 11% looking to retrain and 15% considering self employment. The rest were happy to stay where they were.

Reasons for changing jobs included wanting to work from home or to work school hours as well as wanting a new challenge in a new career.

The new year is traditionally a time for looking forward and there are a wealth of polls and surveys which indicate a renewed zeal for making changes when January comes.

A survey out today of over 2,000 employees by recruitment specialists Reed shows 48% of workers are preparing to look for a new job, with more pay being the main motivating factor, but better work life balance being a factor for 38%.

Another recent survey by Investors in People shows more than half of the UK workforce [59%] will be looking for a new job in 2017 – the highest figure since it began the survey two years ago and 10% up on 2016. Pay, poor management, lack of career development and not enough flexible working were key motivators.

When asked what they liked about their current job, the difference between men and women was significant. For men, pay was the biggest factor [45%] while for women this was the fourth factor [36%]. A good team was the thing women rated highest [47%] with 38% saying flexible working was important, compared to 30% of men. has a range of advice and support for those seeking a new flexible job, starting a new business or retraining.

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