Working mums split over whether they are good role models

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Half of working mums don’t consider themselves a good role model for their children, according to a poll.

Half of working mums don’t consider themselves a good role model for their children, according to a poll.

The poll of nearly 200 mums shows 47% think they are a good role model as a working mum, but 50% say they aren’t. Three per cent are unsure.

Many of the people who commented on the poll, however, said they regarded themselves as good role models.

One mum said: “I feel that being a mum and working is the best thing in the world. It’s all about structure and securing a family life. I am 24 and I study on a full-time business diploma course. I am setting an example to my son to work well in this world and achieve all his and my dreams.”

Belinda Bartlett said working mums were definitely good role models and questioned the need for such a poll in the 21st century. She said: “Who would even think that in 2011 that this question would be considered after all the decades of campaigning for women’s rights, equal rights, etc. Yet still today, women, whether capable of working or not are sometimes deemed not as useful, employable, capable, reliable, professional, etc etc etc.”

Several women said they worked flexibly and this gave them “the best of both worlds” and others commented on how being a working mum instilled a good work ethic in their children.

One person who answered the poll thought polling women on the Workingmums’ site would bias the poll in favour of a yes vote. They said: “Isn’t posting a survey like this on a site titled "workingmums" going to rather bias the survey? Surely those who don’t feel they’d be a good example will mostly be avoiding this site?”

Another commented: “I think that working mums are not wholly immune to the guilt factor that is thrown at us from various reports in the media and often feel conflicted about why they work. Some work out of necessity rather than because they want to so I don’t think it is a done deal that they consider themselves a positive role model for their kids.”

Mandy Garner, editor of, said: "From the comments it seems those mums who have managed to achieve a good work life balance feel much more positive about themselves. It shows how important it is for staff morale for organisations to promote flexible working."

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