WorkingMums backs flexible working extension

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WorkingMums supports the extension to the right to request flexible working, but wants it to be made available to all and from day one of employment. supports any extension of flexible working, but we would like to see the right to request flexible working being opened up to all employees, rather than limited to parents and carers. We feel that this would break down the barriers between parents and other employees and remove any stigma that might be associated with flexible working. Many employees who are granted flexible working worry that this will mean that their career is sidelined and that they are passed over for promotion and deemed to be on “the mummy track”.

We feel that once employers have fully embraced new and more flexible ways of working they will see the advantages, not just in terms of retaining and motivating staff, but in terms of improved efficiency and productivity.

Companies like BT have found that they can make massive savings by implementing flexible working broadly across the company, including savings on travel budgets and reduced property costs.  Technology now allows staff to work from almost anywhere. Flexible working is good for both employees and employers and must be the intelligent choice for companies who wish to stay ahead. The winners in this recession will be those companies which are not afraid to innovate and try new forms of working. Flexible workers are able to meet the demands of today’s constantly changing business environments.

We would also like to see the right to request flexible working made available from day one of a person starting a new job. Many mothers feel that they cannot return to work or feel trapped in their jobs because they cannot find employment which offers them the flexibility they need to balance work and family life. is a jobsite that helps employers meet the needs of today’s demanding and constantly changing business environments. It provides its clients with access to highly skilled and experienced professionals who are looking for flexible, part-time and home-based opportunities and full time jobs with family friendly employers.  The site has over 42,000 registered users with a vast amount of skills and experience, some at board level, who simply want to be able to work flexibly. Employers cannot afford to miss out on this hidden and untapped skilled, highly motivated and diverse workforce, particularly in the current climate.

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