launches its annual survey is launching its annual survey today to find out readers’ views about issues relating to work life balance.

Are you the main breadwinner in your family? What are your views on shared parenting? How has the economic situation affected your work life? is launching its annual survey, sponsored by Nestlé, to find out what our readers think about issues relating to work life balance. This year new questions have been added reflecting changes in Government policy on issues like tax credits and flexible working.

Other new questions centre on related issues. For instance, given that flexible working is becoming much more mainstream, we want to know whether you think childcare provision is sufficiently flexible for your needs. With the increase in the number of women starting up their own businesses, we are also interested to know if readers need more advice and support than is currently available. 
We are also keen to emphasise the benefits of being a working mum and are asking, for instance, what you feel working mums offer employers and what is the best thing about being a working mum.

The results of the survey, which takes around eight minutes to complete, will be published in the summer and will not only help us to improve the website and to ensure we are posting the right sort of jobs for our readers, but will be used to give employers a better idea of what working mums want from the world of work.

Last year’s survey results were published widely, for instance, by the Institute of Leadership and Management, The Scotsman, Daily Finance and Father World. They showed nearly half (44%) of working parents admitted they depend upon their own mums and dads to help out with childcare. The survey also revealed flexible working was top of parents’ agendas – half of those who were not working said that the lack of appropriate (57%) or available (53%) flexible jobs presented further barriers for their return to work.

They cited flexible hours for full-time jobs, regular work at home and the offer of part-time jobs as the three factors that made a company family friendly – flexi-hours ranked as the most important aspect (76%), even surpassing part-time hours which was also rated important for two thirds of the respondents.

To take part in the survey, click here. All responses to the survey will be entered into a free prize draw on 1st July 2011, to win a NESCAFÉ® DOLCE GUSTO® Creativa Coffee machine worth £150.

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