’s guide to January

It’s January: the time when people’s thoughts turn to new year resolutions and new beginnings. If you are seeking a new start work-wise, has some advice.

Working at home, with flexible working

The right for flexible working

It’s dark, it’s cold and the tinsel is coming down. It’s time to face the reality of January 2019. Traditionally January is the time for resolutions and new beginnings. Looking for a new job may be high on your list or starting out on your own to get greater control over your working hours.If so, here is some advice which might help you get going:

1. Brush up your cv.

It may have been years since your last job application or only a few days ago, but it is always a good idea to cast a fresh eye over your cv and check it is relevant to any job you apply to. Make sure to highlight relevant experience and back that up with examples that show how you demonstrate the skills you list. Avoid cliches and make sure it is clear and simple. Research suggests employers only spend seven seconds on average on the first sift of cvs. Get more tips here.

2. Look at your social media profile.

Many employers now routinely do a search on candidates before interview, particularly of LinkedIn. Make sure your profile matches your cv and gives the right impression.

3. Looking for a flexi job?

Do your research – look at different employer’s policies and, more importantly, their practice – do they promote flexible working case studies; do they talk openly about their flexible working; what do their employees say about them [ask around if you can]; are they listed on flexible working sites like Read more on how to find a flexible job here.

4. Skills shortage.

Don’t exaggerate, but don’t sell yourself short and back up everything with concrete evidence. Apply even if you don’t meet all the requirements. Research shows men do and employers know that women are more hesitant. Many are keen to encourage them not to be. What have you got to lose? Ask about flex upfront if it is a deal breaker. Again, employers are increasingly aware of how important it is to candidates.

5. Going solo.

Thinking of starting a business, becoming a franchisee or going freelance? The current economic uncertainty may make you nervous about taking the plunge, but many people are choosing to run their businesses or freelance on the side of their regular job. It’s a good way to test the waters and build your business while not sacrificing the stability of a regular income. has some advice on starting a business, becoming a franchisee or going freelance..

6. Pay rises.

If you plan to stay where you are, you may be considering asking for a pay rise. has some tips on how to do this and how to influence people to come round to your way of thinking.

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