Workingmums Lifestyle Survey 2009 – Results

1625 people responded to our survey.

Key demographics of our respondent base

-99% are women

-34% are between 25-34 years old, 45% are between 35-44 years old, and 21% are either below 24 or above 45

-56% of have 2 or more children; 51% have at least one child under 5, the other half having at least one child over 5 and under 16

-21% of our user base has a household income over 50k

Where do they shop?

For the main weekly grocery shop Tesco came out as most popular (39%) followed by Sainsbury’s (22.3%) and Asda (19.9%). In terms of shopping for children’s Toys, Toys-R-Us was most popular – 41.5%, followed by mail order/online stores (37.2%) and ELC (36.1%)

Mothercare was top in terms of where our audience source(d) their baby equipment (66%), followed by Boots (47%) and online stores (25%)

How do they shop?

98.5% of our audience have use of a PC/Laptop at home, and 28% of the respondents’ children have their own PC/Laptop.

The most popular online purchase is clothes and shoes (72%) followed by books, toys, groceries, theatre and cinema tickets, electrical, flights, holidays and home furnishings.

88% would consider entering competitions online, and 94% use the internet to search for events/things to do with the children.


Our audience have mainly been holidaying in the UK (65%) followed by Europe (46%). A smaller percentage have gone long haul to the US or the rest of the world (25%)

Of those who have holidayed in the UK, the majority have stayed in a hotel, followed by a self catering property, caravan park, camping and holiday village.

When holidaying abroad a small proportion used the main holiday companies (First Choice, Thomas Cook and Thompson – 29.7%).

The rest arranged their holidays independently using the internet, or bought their holidays through local independent agents.

66% of our audience drive a small car or hatchback

Home office & Mobile Phones

50% of our audience have a home office, and of these 88% have a printer, 69% use a laptop and 64% a PC. 02 is the most popular mobile phone operator amongst our audience, followed by Orange and Vodafone.


38% of the respondents don’t have pre-school age children. Of those that do 26% are currently stay at home mums to them, 21% send their children to a private nursery, 14% have the grandparents take care of the kids and the rest use a school nursery, child minder, au pair, nanny or other family to do the childcare duties.

What do our users want to see more of on Workingmums?

72% of the Workingmums visitors would like to see opportunities for re-training . 43% want more competitions, 31% want to seek information about holidays via our site, 27% want more on books and toys,  and around a quarter of users want more on clothes and shoes. 63% of our audience would like to see more events and activities advertised on our site.

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