Workingmums LIVE Manchester

Yesterday was Workingmums’ LIVE event in Manchester. I was looking forward to it, if only for the train journey. However, things never turn out quite as you plan. I was due to get up early to get to the event and, of course, the baby chose this precise week to up the ante on his teething pains. Don’t get me wrong. I feel absolute sympathy for him, but I could have done without him waking up every hour on Sunday night and from 4am on Monday morning [I have to leave by 5.30am]. I am still breastfeeding [basically I haven’t stopped it yet because I am too knackered to do so. I keep waiting for the time they tell you in the books that the baby shows that they are no longer interested in it. This is despite the fact that that time has never come with the other three kids]. Because of the pain, he has not been able to suck on one particular side. This meant that on Monday night my body had morphed into something that looked like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, but with the hump on my chest.

I decided to resort to desperate measures and proceeded to try and drain the inflamed area [heretofore referred to as main boobie or boobie number one]. This rather excited daughters two and three, particularly daughter two, of course, who seems to have an almost scientific appreciation of any aspect of her mother’s body.

It did provide some relief, but by halfway through the day in Manchester I was back to looking rather lopsided as well as totally haggard due to sleep deprivation. Not exactly the professional together look I was going for.

The day went very well though and fortunately, just after lunch I discovered a stack of Diet Cokes under the desk I was sitting at. I went to some interesting sessions on flexible working, starting a business and social networking. One of the coaches, Amanda Alexander, spoke about “the myth” of work life balance ie there is never a perfect balance. She said it was more like being on one of those balancing boards where you achieve balance once in a blue moon, but spend most of your effort trying to keep steady. Obviously that is even harder if one side of your body is about ten times larger than the rest.

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