Writing job descriptions for the web

Attract more of the right candidates to your role – read our tips on writing good job descriptions for the web.

Below are a few tips for writing a job description that will attract more of the right candidates to your role. While it is important to be succinct, there is certain information that will help to sell the job and enable candidates to “self select”.

In your job description  you should provide:

  • Title of the vacancy
  • One paragraph which includes key information about the job. This could be the paragraph that grabs the candidate’s attention. Here you may also wish to provide information about location, how flexible the job is – could it be a job share, is working from home possible, or are the hours school- friendly, for example.
  • Clear information about what the candidate will do as part of the job responsibilities. This will also help candidates to “self select”.
  • A paragraph about the skills the job requires – be as clear as possible about what you’re looking for in a candidate. Start with the must have qualifications and / or experience before desired skills. Using bullet points can be helpful to readers.

Finally, you may wish to provide a short paragraph about the job and/or company that candidates may find useful / appealing, and if appropriate, include a closing date for applications.

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