Zero hours contracts and childcare problems: ask the expert

I am on a 0 hours contract and I am having real problems at the moment with childcare. My employer has changed all the rotas at work. I used to work two weekdays one week and Monday and Sunday the other. This was fine as childcare was sorted. Now he wants me to do a weekend one week and two different weekdays the next. My issue is that I have no childcare for one of those days as my husband is working. I am worried work will drop my shifts because I can’t do that day. What are my rights?

I suggest you write to your employer explaining that you cannot work the pattern you want because of your childcare commitments. You could also make a flexible working request. Set out the pattern(s) that you can work. If your employer insists on an irregular pattern and days you cannot work because of your childcare commitments your employer’s insistence may be indirect sex discrimination. This is because more women than men by virtue of their childcare commitments may be less able to comply with this pattern of work.

Check if you have legal expense insurance on an insurance policy, typically it may be on a home contents insurance policy.

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