Virtual meetings can’t replace face to face contact, say women in business

Face-to-face networking is more useful than virtual networking, say 96% of business women in the UK.

Only 4% believe than online networking is more beneficial for their business, according to research by B.Hive, Regus’ women’s business club.

The B.Hive survey found almost half (45%) the survey respondents said greater access to peer networking groups would help them grow their business. 35% said that having a professional, feminine environment to work and meet in would do the same. 60% of women in the survey said home is their main place of work – hence their desire for the networking opportunities and stimulus of a creative, professional environment.

The research also shows that, although 60% of women in the survey work mainly at home, only 7% usually hold meetings there. The majority meet in coffee shops and similar locations.

The research mark the first anniversary of B.Hive Women’s Business Clubs, a joint project between Lynne Frank and Regus. B.Hive clubs include lounges and business hubs across the UK where women can network, meet clients or find a quiet spot to work on the move.

Lynne Franks said: “Though women in business value social media, they don’t consider the online world an adequate substitute for real-life contact with their peers, and real-life places and opportunities to meet.”

Celia Donne, Regional Director at Regus, said: “Dramatic increases in the number of home and mobile workers, as well as the thousands of women who register a new company each year, are creating a greater than ever need for flexible workspace.”.”.”

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