Working from abroad: ask the expert

I am currently living overseas but would like to start working again for a British charity or not for profit. Is it possible to work for a British charity, not for profit, from where I am living? It would be like working from home but my home is not in the UK at the moment! I am happy to work for a company as well doing admin etc if it is possible to do that whilst being abroad?

Realistically, your best prospects for employment with British charities and not for profit employers are with those active in the country you now live in.  Such employers already know how to deal with the employment, tax and currency issues associated with employing( or contracting with) people based where you now are and have the procedures in place to manage them.

From these employers’ point of view, employing you won’t cause them new headaches administratively; also, your knowledge of how things are done in both the UK and where you’re living now add to your attractions as a potential employee.

It could be worth your while making contact with the British Embassy to locate these potential employers and employment opportunities.

You haven’t said where you’re now living or how much you already know about local employers, the (enforceable) rights and duties of employees and so on.  Please get general advice from the Embassy and any other organisations they suggest (eg local employers’ associations) on how best to safeguard your interests as a prospective employee.  You’ll want to know how to avoid any bad employers (eg British “charities” that aren’t) and what local terms and conditions of employment actually mean.  As a foreigner, you’re probably less “clued up” than those born and bred in the country.

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