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I went to pick up only son the other day and his teacher came out waving a piece of paper. Uh oh, I thought. But no. Apparently only son had written a fantastic letter in the learn to write a letter class and his teacher wanted me to see it. Only son, who is six, was very proud. “I did margins and everything, mum.” It was a long letter too, with the address and date at the top, to the author Anthony Browne. This is how it went:

“Dear Antouny Browne, I’m writing to you because I think my favourite book you wrote is Frida and Bear. I like it because it’s a book about friendship and I like friendship books. Your one of my favourite authers in the world because I’m a child and you make child books. I’m enjoying your child books with the character Willy because it’s like a short name for William. Some people in my class make fun of the name Willy but it’s just a short name for William. I remember what Willy the wizard was about. It was about Willy going to play football at a stadieum every day but one day on his way back he saw a man that gave him some football boots. Do you enjoy writing your books? Why do you write most of your stories about the character Willy? Are you writing a story now? Who did you write Frida and Bear with? Would you stop writing books? Can you write grown-up books? Which books are not with the character Willy which is a short name for William? Will you write more books with people? Where do you get your ideas from? Yours sinsely.”

Only son is shaping up to be a writer himself and perhaps a journalist, given the amount of questions he asks. My partner is always complaining, when I ask him stuff, of “too many questions”. I, on the other hand, prefer to see it as taking an interest. Clearly only son is a bit concerned about his classmates’ approach to Willy, although this is slightly rich coming from someone who makes jokes about butts and farts A LOT. I guess people are not called Butt and Fart, although only son does call daughter two Butt Face quite a bit. She’s back from Spain, having spent the whole week eating mainly lettuce – and straight into the full re-run of the Eurovision song contest.

*Mum on the run is Mandy Garner, editor of Workingmums.co.uk.

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