I took a temp second job in maternity leave. Can I return to my primary role?

Whilst l was on maternity leave claiming SMP, the pub where l worked was bought by another company. My maternity leave is due to end soon, but l have been working at my local school for a few hours per week being paid. This is in the unpaid part of my maternity leave. Does the new company which bought the pub now still have an obligation to let me have my job back when my maternity leave is finished?

Statutory Maternity Pay


If you told the pub you would be back at the end of your leave, then I would contact them and speak to them about it.

If you are only being paid SMP by the pub, then you should be entitled to return to work in the same role or a suitable alternative role or if this is not available then you may be made redundant, although they must have followed the correct redundancy procedures and have considered any redeployment.

I would definitely speak to the new owners about it, especially as you were receiving mat pay from them.

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